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Surveying Ethnic Minorities and Immigrant Populations

Methodological Challenges and Research Strategies

Mónica Méndez Joan Font Carlos Ballano María Cuesta Mette Deding Ignacio Duque Bob Erens Marisa Ferreras Torben Fridberg Lavinia Gianettoni

296 pages
Amsterdam University Press
What are the special problems involved in surveying immigrant populations and ethnic minorities? How can we ensure adequate representation of these growing groups in general population surveys? This book is the first to address these challenges in a systematic way. Experiences from eight Western countries, involving more than a dozen surveys, are used to explore difficulties in designing these types of surveys and some of the choices made to deal with them. The rich array of cases covered gives rise to valuable lessons, from local and national surveys, from well-funded surveys and those with limited means, and on a wide variety of topics ranging from politics to health.
Author Bio
Joan Font is a senior researcher at the Institute for Advanced Social Studies (IESA), National Research Council (CSIC), Córdoba.