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The Domestic Sources of European Foreign Policy

Defence and Enlargement

Omar Serrano

200 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This timely study considers the challenges of developing a foreign policy for a union of 27 states while taking national political processes into account. Serrano analyses the relevance of domestic political processes for the EU's common policies and examines the democratic deficit in the EU foreign policy, thereby highlighting what is unique about it and reflecting on its possible evolution. As the EU continues to face difficulties in formulating common policies, this volume offers a unique insight into the complexities of enhancing the EU's common policies by assessing domestic political debates and the role of actors who legitimise or constrain support for common policies
Author Bio
Omar Serrano is senior researcher and lecturer at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland. He holds a PhD in International Relations/Political Science from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. He is author of Promoting democracy as a security goal: the inward/outward paradox of the EU’s foreign policy in: Brauch, H.G. et al (Eds.): Coping with Global Environmental Change, Disasters and Security – Threats, Challenges, Vulnerabilities and Risks. Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace, vol. 5 (Berlin – Heidelberg – New York: Springer-Verlag, 2011).