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Albania on the Move

Links between Internal and International Migration

Julia Vullnetari

282 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This academic and personal journey into Albania’s post-communist society examines the links between internal and international migration in one of Europe’s poorest countries. The author follows rural migrants to urban destinations both within Albania and in neighbouring Greece. Their lives and experiences are captured in150 interviews, alongside group discussions and ethnographic observations.
This rich empirical material is analysed with reference to an extensive body of literature. The author’s own experience as a migrant and reflections as a researcher studying her own communities of origin add valuable insights. The result is a demonstration of the complexity of the links between internal and international migration, especially from a development perspective.

Winner of the first IMISCOE Maria Ioannis Baganha Dissertation Award
Author Bio
Julie Vullnetari is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Sussex Centre for Migration Research, University of Sussex.