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Darwin Meets Einstein

On the Meaning of Science

Frans Saris

176 pages
Amsterdam University Press
In contrast to physicists, biologists already have the Theory of Everything. This is one of the underlying messages that physicist and author Frans W. Saris expresses in a collection of his essays, columns, diaries, and a play, published for the past twenty-five years in Dutch newspapers, journals and books. In the physics of Einstein, Bohr, Teller, Weinberg, B. Manfred Ullrich and the biology of Darwin, Tinbergen and De Waal, this witty and searching book explores in many dimensions the question: Why Science?
Frans W. Saris argues that in our postmodern times we have lost the meaning of science and he puts science in an evolutionary perspective: science is not in the interest of intellectual or commercial competition, not for creating wealth, not even for fun. It is essential for our survival, the survival of humans, and the survival of life itself.

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Author Bio
Frans W. Saris is emeritus professor of physics and Dean of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Leiden. www.FransWSaris.nl