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Get-Real Selling

Your Personal Coach for REAL Sales Excellence

Michael Boland Keith Hawk

144 pages
Nova Vista Publishing
This revised edition includes enhancements and incorporates feedback from thousands of salespeople who have benefited from the original edition and from attending live Get-Real Selling workshops. Its short, pithy chapters and no-nonsense approach pay off immediately for experienced and beginning sales professionals alike. Based on a mindset that says My success can only follow the success of my customer, Hawk and Boland focus on three customer-impacting principles that make it simple to succeed in selling. If you can position your solution in ways that help your customer upgrade his service to his customers, or improve his economics (by increasing his revenue or reducing his costs), or enhance his life, specifically the quality of his work-life, you will find your customer eager to learn more about your offering and ready to buy. This S.E.L. approach (service, economics, life) is being used today in leading organizations and produces measurable sales improvement.
Author Bio
Keith Hawk and Michael Boland share more than seventy years of experience in the world of selling. They've been on-the-street sales professionals, sales managers, and sales VPs of large corporations. They have consulted with hundreds of sales executives and have conducted over a thousand seminars to help them improve sales performance.