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Physical Manoeuvres to Prevent Vasovagal Syncope and Initial Orthostatic Hypotension

Paul Krediet

108 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Vasovagal syncope ("the common faint") and near syncope from initial orthostatic hypotension are huge medical problems given the number of patients and their impact on quality of life. The treatment options are often unsatisfactory. The studies in this thesis set out to investigate the potential benefits of physical counter-manoeuvres in the acute management of vasovagal syncope and initial orthostatic hypotension. Once shown to be effective, further studies elucidated how they work.
Author Bio
Paul Krediet graduated cum laude from medical school (University of Amsterdam) in 2005. As a Dr. E. Dekker Laureate on behalf of the Netherlands Heart Foundation, he completed the research studies he started while at medical school that now compromise this thesis. In 2006-2007 he spent six months as a fulbright scholar at the laboratory for Human and Integrative Physiology at Mayo Clinic (Minnesota, USA). Currently he has started residency in internal medicine.