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Understanding Processes of Ethnic Concentration and Dispersal

South Asian Residential Preferences in Glasgow

Jennifer McGarrigle

256 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Questions surrounding ‘race’ as a spatial divider have come to the forefront of the political agenda, compelling us to revisit the debate on residential segregation. Drawing on the spatial analysis of changing dynamics in the ethnic geography of Greater Glasgow and qualitative research on the residential preferences of 40 South Asian households, this book enhances our understanding of settlement in the city.
Understanding Processes of Ethnic Concentration and Dispersal documents new residential patterns, including South Asian suburbanisation in traditionally ‘white’ areas. Processes underlying both the changes and signs of sustained ethnic concentration are shown to be dynamic and complex. They encompass elements of choice, constraint and negotiations between the two, while also revealing a remarkable array of differentials such as class, status, education, age and culture.
Author Bio
Jennifer Leigh McGarrigle is a Post Doctorate Researcher, at the Centre de Estudos Geograficos, at the University of Lisbon.