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Handbook of Environmental History in Japan

Amsterdam University Press
Japan: a land plagued by volcanoes, earthquakes and typhoons, yet blessed with a climate suitable for all manner of agriculture and forestry, and positioned where ocean currents collide and bring an abundance of the ocean’s resources to its people; a country which moved quickly from an agrarian pre-industrial society to become one of the world’s great economic powerhouses in only a few decades, spoiling water, air and land in the process, bringing misery to many of its people; a country with expansionist desires, colonizing neighboring lands, leading to war, defeat, destruction and, for the first time in history, nuclear devastation and its aftermath; a land and its people which share a remarkable resilience and ability to evaluate and correct their mistakes and renew their trajectory towards a better future.
The sixteen chapters of the Handbook of Environmental History in Japan
Author Bio
Fujihara Tatsushi is Associate Professor at the Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University. His main research field is the modern history of food and agriculture in Germany and Japan.