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The ABC of Life

Success Has 3 Letters

314 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Nowadays it seems there is a manual for everything. What if there was a manual for how to interact with people so that we could all function optimally and succeed in life?

This book comes closest to being the definitive manual for life. It is based on over 50 years of groundbreaking scientific research on self-determination theory which has produced a structural approach to social interaction—the ‘ABC of life’—as a concrete and actionable approach to success. For if you do not understand how people function, you will find it difficult to succeed in business, education, health, sports—or indeed almost any facet of life.

The past 50,000 years of human evolution highlight why the ABC of life is so powerful: it is grounded in our human nature! This book explores the power of the ABC of life and explains how it can transform lives and achieve lasting success for individuals, teams, communities, societies, and our human species.

Drawing on astounding examples from scientific experiments and real-world cases, Marcus B. Müller combines fascinating insights from neuroscience, social and evolutionary psychology, anthropology, biology, medicine, and his own cutting-edge research to produce this entertaining, inspiring, and revolutionary manual for life. This book is a must-read for all those seeking ultimate and lasting success in their professional as well as personal lives.
Author Bio
Marcus Mueller studied in Germany, the UK and Australia for his masters degrees in electrical engineering, business administration and psychology. He also holds a PhD in organizational psychology. After 16 years as a finance professional in London, New York, Frankfurt and Geneva, Marcus switched careers to academia, research and teaching. In 2013, Marcus joined Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg, as a full-time Professor of Management. His research interests include executive psychology and the economic cost-benefit analysis of corporate investment in people. Marcus is an internationally recognized expert and speaker on the application of social psychology in organizations for performance, health and well-being.