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Business Unusual

Help! My Business is a Burning Platform!

Klaas Wagenaar

180 pages
Management Impact Publishing

2020 has turned out to be a pivotal year, due to the Covid-19 virus. Many businesses have been confronted with a drop in demand and increasing debts. There is growing uncertainty about the future and huge financial pressure is building up, at a record pace. The current business model will no longer suffice. It is Business Unusual.

Especially when, at any time, your business might turn into a 'burning platform', it is important to keep a cool head and analyse your options thoroughly, take informed decisions and exude confidence. Only in these circumstances, can a sound business hope to secure a healthy future. Business Unusual helps entrepreneurs, management boards, advisors and other stakeholders, with practical advice on how to take the lead, in crisis situations.

Author Bio
Klaas Wagenaar is an experienced executive and turnaround practitioner. Wagenaar is founder and managing partner of BOLD, a consultancy specialising in premium strategic and financial analysis, advice and decisive action during turnarounds, (digital) transformations and transactions (www.boldcm.eu). He has occupied senior executive positions at KPMG, Getronics, Baan Company, CapGemini and others.