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Breve historia del cómic

Gerardo Vilches Fuentes

320 pages
Ediciones Nowtilus SL
Author Bio
Gerardo Vilches has a degree in History at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is a cultural critic that collaborates with magazines such as Rockdeluxe or Quimera and a reviewer specialized in graphic novel that contributes to webpages such as Entrecomics or The Watcher and the Tower. He has published several papers related to the Ninth Art: ""Anatomy of a Japanese Clerk"" (Bang Ediciones, 2012) and ""The place of Watchmen"" in Watchmen: Radiographs of an Explosion (Modernito Books, 2013). He has also given several lectures at various universities, such as in the Second International Congress of Great Narrators of the Twentieth Century’s of the Complutense University.He co-directs the online magazine focused on the study and criticism of comics CuCo, cuadernos de cómic, since 2013. http://cuadernosdecomic.es/You can follow him on his Twitter account: @WatcherBlog