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1000 claves de exito en el mundo de la empresa

gel MartSequera Joaqu Valcarce

320 pages
Ediciones Nowtilus SL
Using 1000 ideas, anecdotes, and practices, this guide will help you discover the keys to success in the current business world. Aided by the book's concise writing and subtle humor, you will quickly find all the guidelines for building your own path to success. Joaquín Valcarce Mar tínez y Ángel Mar tín Sequera, the book's authors and two true entrepreneurs and business experts, go over 1000 simple keys to achieving success. These practical pieces of advice will help you reflect on all possible aspects of a business: the company, the shareholders, the clients, the employees,the corporate climbers, retirement, etc.rn1.000 claves de éxito agrupadas temáticamente, escritas para resumir la esencia de la cultura empresarial de los emprendedores. De una forma ingeniosa, con buen humos, pero sin perder el rigor, presenta los mejores consejos y la mejor sabiduría empresarial, para que resulten inmediatamente útiles en su proyecto o carrera empresarial.
Author Bio
Joaquín Valcarce is a businessman, consultant and company advisor. He is a cofounder of Uniempresa, a company dedicated to marketing, communication and market research. Ángel Martín Sequera is an education professor and has a degree in public relations and advertising. He has been working in the area of comunication for ONCE for more than 20 years. He frequently participates in university and academic forums.Ángel Martín Sequera es docente en educación y titulado en Relaciones Públicas y Publicidad. Lleva más de 20 años en el área de comunicación de la ONCE y participa habitualmente en foros universitarios y académicos. Juntos han publicado en esta misma editorial Aprender a emprender.