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Awst & Walther

Benjamin Walther Manon Awst

336 pages
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The works of the German-Welsh artist couple Awst & Walther (Manon Awst, b. Bangor, 1983, and Benjamin Walther, b. Dresden, 1974) are characterized by a most distinctive perception of space and feedback loops that captivate the viewer. Taking a discursive and interdisciplinary approach, the architect and the stage director, who have worked together since 2006, factor in the spectator and his interaction as they design their objects. Expansive sculptural gestures examine modern man's ambivalent relationships with nature and technology. Their works present models of nature or natural materials in processed and fragmented form. Deliberately pushing the limits of technology's capacity to mold nature in accordance with human wishes, they reveal the fascination as well as the violence of humanity's irreversible interference.
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Benjamin Walther, b. Dresden, 1974Manon Awst, b. Bangor, 1983