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As Time Goes By

Björn Drenkwitz

100 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
Björn Drenkwitz (b. Frankfurt am Main, 1978; lives and works in Frankfurt am Main) works in the fields of video performance and video portraiture. In his creative engagement with media art and photography, he conceives of these new media as sculptural elements, integrating them into expansive installations. Pursuing a trans-media approach, he often works with actors and singers. The processes he probes in his video pieces also underlie his conceptual objects, graphic art, and photography. His work revolves around time, its significance for video as a linear medium, and the effect of its passage on the audience’s perceptions, affording the viewer an unmediated experience of the seconds ticking away, the brief duration of a sensation, or the calm that comes with focused contemplation. The book offers a survey of Björn Drenkwitz’s major video projections, objects, works of graphic art, and photographs of the past several years. With essays by Sergey Harutoonian and Marco Hompes.