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Grill Royal

Stefan Korte

258 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
The Grill Royal has become a fixture on the Berlin restaurant scene. It was in 2007 that Boris Radczun and Stephan Landwehr found the perfect place for their vision. They wanted to open a restaurant where people would enjoy excellent food and congregate with friends in a casual atmosphere. They would serve steak, fish, and champagne. A spacious venue became available near the northern end of Friedrichstraße, at the heart of Berlin’s emerging center. The downstairs rooms beckon with a warm and wideopen ambiance a view of the Spree and handsome interiors. Dark wood floors, Ikora lamps, and selected works by contemporary artists lend the place an aura of elegance. Food lovers associate the Grill Royal with the classic grill room cuisine—premium meats, seafood and great wine from the vineyards of the Old World. Photographs by Stefan Korte, Peter Langer, Maxime de Ballesteros, Florian Bolk, and Robert Rieger bring the restaurant’s unique atmosphere—with and without patrons—to life. With essays by Stuart Pigott, René Pollesch, Erwin Seitz, and Thomas Vilgis.