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Julie Valmes

Eva Karcher

128 pages
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Few things are as popular today as research into and speculation about which sort of future the boundless accumulation of data on the Internet and cuttingedge technologies—selflearning superintelligence, nano and neurotechnology, or braincomputer interfaces— will bring us. The artist Julie Valmes (b. Poland, 1977; lives and works in Vienna) has studied the scientific fields of transhumanism, artificial intelligence (AI), biophysics, and energetics for years. In sculptural works made out of diverse materials such as bronze, aluminum, steel, silicones, colorful synthetic resins, and wood, the artist holds a mirror up to the contradictory reality of the transparent contemporary individual: what masquerades as openness, she argues, is in fact totalitarian control. TR@NSMISSION offers a first survey of the objects, installations, sculptures, and frequency paintings Julie Valmes has created over the past eight years. With essays by David Gelernter, Eva Karcher, Armin Risi, and Klaus Volkamer, an interview with Bazon Brock, and a conversation between Eva Karcher and the artist.