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Matthias Arndt

176 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
This groundbreaking volume presents the first wellresearched overview of the Philippine contemporary arts scene, inviting the reader to discover around two dozen artists who are about to take the Western art market by storm. Each is featured with an outline of his ideas and techniques, photographs of major works, and a portrait. The curator Norman Crisologo and the journalist and editor of a culture magazine Erwin Romulo have contributed an extensive essay in which they lay the foundations for a discussion of where contemporary Philippine art stands and explore its relations to tradition and religion, film noir, vernacular imageries, and urban culture. The "Wasak!" of the title is a popular expression: its literal meaning is "broken," "ruined," or "wrecked," but in street slang it signals the speaker’s amazement and enthusiasm: "Rad!"