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Reflections on the Life and Dreams of C.G. Jung

by Aniela Jaffé from conversations with Jung

408 pages
Daimon Verlag

Aniela Jaffé presents thoughts and ruminations that Jung shared with her as they prepared Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C.G. Jung. These never-before-published revelations present a kaleidoscope of episodic, philosophical, humorous and enigmatic material, uniquely complementing and expanding on the widely acclaimed MDR.

“Jung allowed his thoughts to flow freely during our conversations, according to the situation and his interests of the moment. When speaking with me he was not hindered by intellectual considerations of possible criticism. It didn't concern him that his words and insights might require further thoughtful reflection before they could be deemed coherent or valid. If I managed to touch upon a point of interest, Jung did not just answer my question, but followed his train of thought further.”

– Aniela Jaffé, from the Introduction

The historical commentary by Elena Fischli illuminates the biographical work with C.G. Jung on the basis of source material. How did the conversations and the notes of Aniela Jaffé come about? What was the nature of the relationship and collaboration between her and Jung? How did others deal with their work? And finally, who was this woman who was so candidly given such a glimpse into Jung's inner life?

Author Bio
Elena Fischli studied psychology in Grenoble, Geneva and Zürich, and has maintained a psychotherapy practice for the past 35 years. After working as an editor for Spring Publications, she was a co-founder of Daimon Verlag and has edited numerous works through the years, including new editions of works by Aniela Jaffé and the original German-language version of Reflections (Streiflichter zu Leben und Denken C.G. Jungs). She is also a scriptwriter, active in the world of documentary film.Through the recording, editing and publication of Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C.G. Jung, Aniela Jaffé has introduced a large international readership to his work over the past 60 years. Jaffé was closely associated with Jung from 1937 until his death, having arrived in Switzerland as a Jewish emigrant after studying in Berlin and Hamburg. From 1940 onward she worked for him as a research assistant and from 1955 until 1961, she further supported Jung as his personal secretary. In addition to the posthumous publication of his correspondence, her work as an analyst, lecturer and author of numerous books and articles have helped to make his work available to a broad readership. Reflections on the life and dreams of C.G. Jung, with its many rich facets, is another of her substantial contributions to the understanding of this extraordinary researcher and pioneer in the realm of the human soul.