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180 pages
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Created during the threat of worldwide pandemic, this book reaches to new language to express the basics of Analytical Psychology in new forms. What results is not a finished conclusion but a never ending process that includes dismay and celebration. Bad and good interweave as long as we are growing; celebration happens in perceiving the infinite is lived through our ordinary finite life. Projection is a first step toward consciousness; the missing piece that lures us to destructiveness can be found. A defense of dissociation presses for its undoing to support a consciousness that simultaneously can hold in mind the absence along with the presence of our life force. Integration is agonizing as well as liberating. The new syntax of what the psyche is doing with and to us yields increased permeability of personal and collective living marked by a subjectivity within the objective other-than-self endorsing full fledged living of self. That cannot be done without tender regard for neighbor within and without, and forms of service to the transcendent.
Author Bio
Ann Belford Ulanov is a Jungian analyst practicing in New York City, Christiane Brooks Johnson Professor Emerita of Psychiatry and Religion at Union Theological Seminary, and author of many books, including The Functioning Transcendent, The Female Ancestors of Christ, The Wisdom of the Psyche, and with her late husband Barry Ulanov, The Healing Imagination, Transforming Sexuality, the Archetypal World of Anima and Animus.