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Eranos Yearbook 73: 2015 – 2016 The World and its Shadow

Fabio Merlini Riccardo Bernardini

1190 pages
Daimon Verlag
The 73rd volume of the Eranos Yearbooks, The World and its Shadow, presents to the public the work of the last years of activities of the Eranos Foundation (2015–2016).

The book gathers the lectures presented at the occasion of the 2015 Eranos Conference, The Roots of Evil – Figures and Issues from the Abysses of the Human Condition, the 2016 Eranos Conference, The Origins of the World – Physics and Metaphysics of Creation,the 2015 Eranos-Jung Lectures, The Feelings of Absence – Abandonment, Solitude, and Nostalgia, the 2016 Eranos-Jung Lectures, Myths that Speak about us, and the 2015 Eranos School seminars, Myths, Woman, and Law in Johann Jakob Bachofen (1815–1887) on the Two-Hundredth Anniversary of his Birth and Philosophy's Shadow: Thinking, Politics, and Antisemitism in Martin Heidegger's 'Black Notebooks'.

The volume includes essays by Maurizio Bettini, Françoise Bonardel, Gianfranco Bonola, Massimo De Carolis, Roberto Cazzola, Pietro Conte, Costantino Esposito, Adriano Fabris, Franco Ferrari, Giovanni Filoramo, Roy Garré, Marco Mazzeo, Fabio Merlini, David L. Miller, Nuccio Ordine, Antonio C.D. Panaino, Guy Pelletier, Fausto Petrella, Stefano Poggi, Antonio Prete, Augusto Romano, David Sedley, Davide Susanetti, Silvano Tagliagambe, Father Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti, Peter Trawny, and Silvia Vegetti Finzi.