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Alchemy of Discourse

Image, Sound and Psyche

Paul Kugler

Daimon Verlag
In recent years the function of language, narrative and text in psychic life has taken on increasing significance in depth psychology. The Alchemy of Discourse examines language in relation to psychic formation, beginning with the role played by images and words in the onset of subjectivity. Through a careful examination of Jung's early word association experiments coupled with recent developments in Lacanian psychoanalysis, Dr. Kugler offers a re-conceptualization of the origin and function of the Jungian divided subject (ego/self). For those just beginning to explore the role of language in psychic life, The Alchemy of Discourse provides an accessible entry point, with its clear explication of key terms together with their historical and conceptual background. This book will be a valuable resource for psychoanalysts, students and trainees in depth psychology, and for writers, critical theorists, philosophers and historians of ideas.
Author Bio
Paul Kugler is a psychoanalyst in private practice in East Aurora, New York. In the 1970's he received his analytic training at the Jung Institute in Zurich and has taught at the State University of New York at Buffalo. A past president of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, he is the author of numerous publications articulating the interface between Freudian and Jungian psychoanalysis.