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Aspects of Opposition and Complementarity in Archetyal Chirology

Yael Haft-Pomrock

Daimon Verlag
Psychochirology “ the study of personality structure by means of reading the hands “ can reveal the present psychological situation, parental characteristics and influences, inherent and acquired patterns of behavior and capabilities, inner conflicts of all natures and their potential for integration, as well as possibilities for growth.
Author Bio
Yael Haft was born and raised in Israel and has been an active psychochirologist, researcher and therapist for over thirty years. She lectures at universities and congresses and has conducted workshops throughout Israel, Europe and the United States. Mrs. Haft is a member of the Israel Association for Psychotherapy and the National Expressive Therapy Association, and is founder and head of the Center for the Study and Research of Modes of Consciousness. She lives and practices primarily in Haifa, Israel.