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Berlin 1986

The Archetype of Shadow in a Split World

Mary Ann Mattoon

Daimon Verlag
The Tenth International Congress for Analytical Psychology was held in West Berlin September 2-9, 1987. Its theme, The Archetype of Shadow in a Split World, was the focus of twenty-five major papers, with prepared responses to fourteen of them. Congress participants were several hundred Jungian analysts from around the world. The theme has a special meaning for our times and, especially, for a Congress set in the divided city of Berlin. There, the Wall is a vivid reminder of East-West divisions and of the countless divisions among humans. Many of these divisions are considered in this book. Some of the papers deal with the collective background of the Congress and its participant's lives. Other papers focus more on intra-psychic and inter-personal divisions as they are manifested clinically.
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Edited by Mary Ann Mattoon