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At the Speed of Light?

Electricity Interconnections for Europe

Susanne Nies

170 pages
Editions Technip
Electricity interconnections is a prominent issue in the news, and is sometimes even featured as a panacea for the shortcomings of the European electricity market”a panacea that would ensure energy supply and security and pave the way for a promising use of renewables in the future. This report is devoted to electricity interconnections in Europe, their current state, and the projects concerning them. In line with IFRI's focus on international relations and geopolitics, the author concentrates on the geopolitics and governance of interconnections. Prominent projects as such as Desertec, the debate on DC or AC lines, and the limits of synchronization, as well as the state of a potential East“West electricity linkage between the former Soviet Union and the EU, termed UCTE-UPS/IPS, are discussed. The Study finishes with recommendations for policy makers.
Author Bio
Susanne Nies holds a PhD in political science, Slavistics, and Romanistics from Bonn University (Germany) as well as a diploma from the London School of Economics (economics of the European Union). She habilitated in international relations in Sciences Po Paris as well as Free University Berlin.