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Hydrogen, the Post-Oil Fuel?

An IFP Energies Nouvelles: Cea Collaboration

Edouard Freund

336 pages
Editions Technip
Hydrogen”is it the energy vector for the future, or on the contrary, limited for many more decades, possibly even until the end of the century, to its current applications in the field of chemistry and refining? Advocates of the hydrogen civilization and the skeptics, even the declared opponents, are deeply divided over this issue. For the first, following a technological revolution, hydrogen would play a universal role alongside electricity in transport, leading to radical elimination of CO2 emissions. For the second, hydrogen will remain restricted to its current applications due to the insoluble problems inherent in its generalized use, especially in transport.
Author Bio
Mr. Edouard Freund serves as an Executive Vice President of the IFP. Mr. Freund serves as a Director of Prosernat and ISIS développement and member of the Supervisory Board at Beicip-Franlab. He has been a Director of ISIS SA since 1996.