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Comprehensice Dictionary of Earth Sciences

English-French / French-English

Gerald Brace Magdeleine Moureau

1095 pages
Editions Technip
The more than 37 000 entries in this dictionary cover all fields of earth science, ranging from archaeology to volcanology, including: astronomy, biochemistry, biology, cartography, climatology, crystallography, ecology, environment, geochemistry, geochronology, geodesy, geology, geomorphology, geophysics, gitology, hydrogeology, hydrology, meteorology, mineralogy, oceanography, paleontology, palynology, pedology, petrography, photogeology, remote sensing, sedimentology, stratigraphy, taxonomy, tectonics, topography. The terms, with explanations in both languages, are defined or explained and/or illustrated by examples of use. Abbreviations are explained and given their equivalence in the other language (when one exists). Greek and Latin roots are given, along with place names and persons. Appendixes also give additional tables and figures. This dictionary will enable the user to access all the available information required to understand a term or expression, without having to consult other sources.