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Direct Numerical Simulation for Turbulent Reacting Flows

Thierry Baritaud Thierry Poinsot

318 pages
Editions Technip
Contents: Description of accurate boundary conditions for the simulation of reactive flows. Parallel direct numerical simulation of turbulent reactive flow. Flame-wall interaction and heat flux modelling in turbulent channel flow. A numerical study of laminar flame wall interaction with detailed chemistry: wall temperature effects. Modeling and simulation of turbulent flame kernel evolution. Experimental and theoretical analysis of flame surface density modelling for premixed turbulent combustion. Gradient and counter-gradient transport in turbulent premixed flames. Direct numerical simulation of turbulent flames with complex chemical kinetics. Effects of curvature and unsteadiness in diffusion flames. Implications for turbulent diffusion combustion. Numerical simulations of autoignition in turbulent mixing flows. Stabilization processes of diffusion flames. References.