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Petroleum Refining V.1

Crude Oil. Petroleum Products. Process Flowsheets

Jean-Pierre Wauquier

500 pages
Editions Technip
In this first volume, the reader will find, collected and condensed, the information needed to characterize, analyze, and evaluate crude oils from different origins and their corresponding petroleum cuts as well. The characteristics and specifications of all the petroleum products along with their simplified process flowsheets are reviewed.Contents: 1. Composition of crude oils and petroleum products. 2. Fractionation and elemental analysis of crude oils and petroleum cuts. 3. Characterization of crude oils and petroleum fractions. 4. Methods for the calculation of hydrocarbon physical properties. 5. Characteristics of petroleum products for energy use (motor fuels - heating fuels). 6. Characteristics of non-fuel petroleum products. 7. Standards and specifications of petroleum products. 8. Evaluation of crude oils. 9. Additives for motor fuels and lubricants. 10. Introduction to refining. Appendices: Principal characteristics of pure components. Principal standard test methods for petroleum products. References. Index.