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Cementing Technology

Ulysse Cartalos Jacqueline Lecourtier

110 pages
Editions Technip
Cementing is a difficult operation and the quality of the result depends on many factors associated with: the state of the open hole section; the equipment and materials employed; the fluids used; the procedures applied. This document presents an update of the information and recommendations on methods and procedures to be applied at the well site.Contents: 1. Drawing up the cementing program: Cement classes according to API specifications. Slurries. General information on flow regime and on spacers. Mud conditioning before cementing. Summary. 2. Different types of cementing: One-stage cementing and two-stage cementing. Cementing with stinger. Cementing a liner. 3. Setting cement plugs to combat lost circulation: Thixotropic slurries, cement gels, cement slurries without additives, and their placement. Plaster Diesel Oil Cement (PDOC) and Diesel Oil Cement (DOC), and their placement. 4. Causes of failure in casing cement jobs and remedies: Losses during slurry placement. Slurry overdisplacement. Lack of tightness of the cement sheath. Flash set. Setting defect. Lack of mechanical strength. Cement deterioration. Casing disconnection.