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Toxic Productivity

Reclaim Your Time and Emotional Energy in a World That Always Demands More

262 pages
Bridge City Books

"Rise and grind!"

"Time is money."

"You can rest when you're dead!"

For decades, societal pressures have had us scrambling to do more, achieve more, overcome more, BE MORE - all with the promise that we'll feel accomplished, fulfilled, worthy . . . even happy. Life has become a never-ending cycle of pursuing "the next thing"-always checking things off our to-do list and reaching for the next milestone. But it often comes at a price: our mental and physical health.

Are we happier? Will it ever be enough?

Being productive isn't necessarily about how you manage your time. It's about how you manage your emotions.

In a world obsessed with getting more done, Toxic Productivity unmasks the hidden roots of hustle culture and dismantles the myth that "doing more makes you more worthy."

In this timely and unsparing guide, psychotherapist and @well.guide founder Israa Nasir offers research-backed insight on dynamics such as self-worth, shame, social comparison, burnout, and perfectionism that keep us always busy but never satisfied. Nasir gives expert and tangible guidance so you can separate who you are from what you do.

Combining therapeutic principles, personal anecdotes, client stories, as well as thought-provoking perspectives, Toxic Productivity will help you:

  • Recognize the emotional patterns that drive your toxic productivity habits
  • Cultivate a healthier perspective on achievement
  • Create sustainable habits for reaching goals that are authentically meaningful to you

It's time to untangle yourself from the web of toxic productivity and embrace a life that is not just productive but profoundly meaningful. Let this book guide you toward a transformative journey of self-discovery-helping you reclaim your time, energy, and joy.

Author Bio
Israa Nasir, MHC-LP, is a New York City based psychotherapist, writer, and the founder of WellGuide-a digital community for mental health awareness. Her work is centered on transforming the way we talk about mental health, taking it from a place of shame to a place of empowerment. A Pakistani Canadian child of immigrants, she has a specific focus on mental health, identity formation, and healing for the AAPI first- and second-generation immigrant community. Israa has been featured in NBC, Vox, Huffpost, Teen Vogue, and other major publications and been invited to speak at corporations such as Google, Meta, and Yale.