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Keep Breathing

A Psychologist’s Intimate Journey Through Loss, Trauma, and Rediscovering Life

250 pages
Bridge City Books

From Unthinkable Loss to Unbreakable Resilience

In Keep Breathing, Dr. Kate Truitt, a renowned psychologist, applied neuroscientist, and trauma expert, shares her story of unimaginable loss, trauma, and, ultimately, healing. Faced with the sudden, gut-wrenching death of her fiancé just one week before their wedding day, Kate found her world shattered, catapulting her into a deep void of profound grief, trauma, shock, and guilt.

Part memoir and part scientific exploration, Keep Breathing uses Kate’s own personal account as a case study to illuminate the common experiences in our human brain—deep love and devastating loss, exhilaration and pain, life and death—that have the power to both derail our lives and ignite us to rebuild, heal, and grow. Her deeply personal loss sheds light on the human spirit’s extraordinary ability to persevere and thrive in the face of suffering—providing readers with a roadmap to navigate their own paths to healing and self-discovery. With its raw yet warm candor, Kate’s brave storytelling exemplifies what it means to truly come back to ourselves.

Author Bio

Dr. Kate Truitt is a neuroscientist and clinical psychologist (PSY26309) with an MBA in Healthcare Administration. She has dedicated her life to advancing the treatment of trauma and stress-related disorders. Dr. Truitt is the founder and president of Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates – a neuroscience-based group therapy practice in Pasadena, and the CEO of the Trauma Counseling Center (TCC), with offices throughout Los Angeles. She founded Viva Excellence to provide cutting edge training and seminars globally that bring together the newest advancements in the fields of neuroscience and resiliency, as well as stress and trauma treatments. Her clinical practice, scientific studies, and trainings are specialized in the treatment of PTSD/Complex Trauma, panic disorders and anxiety, phobias, as well as other stress-related disorders. Her research is on brain health during the recovery process, treatment outcomes, and psychophysiology. Dr. Truitt consults globally for trauma treatment programs, leads research initiatives, and provides trainings on trauma as well as personal empowerment. Dr. Truitt founded and is the Chairman of the Board for the Amy Research Foundation, a 501c3 organization to advance research into the innovative treatment realm of neuroscience based mental health treatment. She is also a Certified Trainer as well as the Global Director of Continuing Education for the Havening Techniques.