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Never Grow Up!

32 pages
Bookpress Publishing
Never Grow Up! teaches us to retain our childlike wonder of the world. Jimmy, the narrator and my husband, was a firm believer in never growing up–and he never did. His childlike wonder inspired others to live a life of fun and joy in spite of difficult times. The dialogue in this book encourages readers to interact with Jimmy, sharing answers about feelings as Jimmy asks questions. Adults and children will learn from each other as they read the book together, which offers a message of hope to both younger and older readers, and a promise that someone is always there to help you. Never Grow Up! shows us all that there truly is light at the end of the tunnel.
Author Bio
Brenda Edmundson-Colby is a lifelong learner and former educator whose primary responsibility was to care and nurture her students, teaching them to believe in themselves. As a former high school principal and special education teacher, she always referred to herself as “the Head Learner” to demonstrate that learning never ends. Her husband, Jimmy Colby, had an amazing gift for showing people you can keep your childlike joy and wonder of the world and have fun even through difficult times. Jimmy’s life is the inspiration for this book.