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Bobby the Bear and the Great Race

32 pages
Bookpress Publishing
“We all want to win, but we must never cheat.” In a world growing ever more competitive, people sometimes will do anything to win, even if it means sacrificing a friendship. In the third book in the Bobby the Bear series, Bobby the Bear and the Great Race explores the important themes of sportsmanship and integrity. Bobby and his forest friends decide to hold a community-wide race to find out who is the fastest animal in the forest, and the event turns dramatic. Tanya the Tiger learns in a showdown with Rachel Rabbit that winning is not always the most important thing. The results of the race will prove that playing fairly and honestly is the way to preserve trust in a friendship.
Author Bio
Holding a master’s degree in education, award-winning author and eduator Ryan O’Connor has spent the past fifteen years teaching English to students of all ages in the United States and China. Ryan’s adventures and cultural experiences while traveling around the world helped shape his books––positive and uplifting stories for children ages 4-7. After spending more than a decade abroad, Ryan now calls Kansas City, Kansas home. He lives with his wife, stepdaughter, and two adorable cats.