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Serious Business

Insights from a 5-Year-Old

32 pages
Bookpress Publishing

Maverick Smothers embodies his name in life and business. A brilliant entrepreneur already at five years old, Maverick enlightens the business world with his cutting-edge advice in Serious Business. He's heard 1000s of hours of business calls and has attended countless business meetings, though not by choice. His mom has a no-holds-barred attitude when it comes to speaking up in business, and Maverick has taken note over the years. Now, he's ready to share his wisdom with you! Learn solution-driven business advice like:

• “In a serious business you have to pick the people that will sit with you because you only have so many chairs.”

• “Yeah when you're a kid its ok to cry when you lose but when you have a serious business you can't lose you just keep working.”

• “In serious businesses people can't take a lot of breaks otherwise we don't get a lot done.”

Blazing new paths with his unique perspective on running a successful business after his lifelong exposure to the tricks of the trade, Maverick serves up leadership principles and actionable insights even though, in his words, “I don't have time to just sit and talk right now. I'm trying to run a serious business.” If you want to get serious about your business and career, Mav is your Serious Business partner. Every serious business needs business advice–and some laughs.

Author Bio
Tina Smothers’s inspiring life journey is one of resilience, dedication, and commitment to her family, her professional aspirations, and her community. Being a mother of three and amassing an impressive twenty-seven years of experience in property management and real estate, Tina exemplifies expertise and determination. She decided to start her own business when she was pregnant with Maverick. Maverick learned about business intricacies by accompanying Tina on her daily commute and while enduring the ‘work from home’ model in 2020. The value of learning from experience and exposure is evident in Maverick’s business sensibilities. Beyond business, Tina passionately advocates for suicide and mental health awareness and she supports locally owned businesses contributing to the empowerment and growth of her community.