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Another Dance

360 pages
Bookpress Publishing
One year after the loss of her husband, Jason, Annie Obless struggles with grief while raising her two young children. Her therapist insists that her healing is being halted by her inability to open up and share details of Jason’s death. Longing to move forward, but disinterested in a traditional support group, she enrolls in a ballroom dance class, seeking an escape from the constant flashbacks of her former life and the still-present flood of guilt.

At the first night of Ballroom Basics, Annie meets Milo Warner, the handsome, enigmatic instructor who is eager to have a dance partner to help lead the class. As she attempts to master a variety of dance steps and juggle her responsibilities as a mother, Annie reluctantly begins to explore friendship and flirtation after Milo reveals his own experience with love and loss.

In spite of her therapists’ warnings about starting a new relationship, a potential romance and the possibility of moving on drives Annie to seek solace in Milo as their connection deepens and intensifies. Can her time with Milo help her come to terms with who she is and who she needs to be for her children, or will Annie find herself opening up to more than she had planned?
Author Bio
Angela Youngers has enjoyed having an audience, whether willing or captive, since singing in her father’s band at the age of five, performing in her first theatrical play as a freshman in high school, and teaching in the public school system since 2008. She has directed numerous plays, coached several events for IHSSA speech teams, written original ensembles and adapted several theatrical works for performance, encouraged and mentored young writers, and worked constantly to foster a love of reading, writing, speaking, and performing in her students. She values communication, empathy, and creativity, and she believes the sharing of stories to be one of the most important human experiences.

Angela is a high school English and speech teacher in the Des Moines metro where she lives with her husband, Jeremy, and her two children, Tobias and Aubriana. She has her Bachelor of Education degree in Theatre and Communication Education from the University of Northern Iowa, with an English endorsement, and her Masters in Education from Viterbo University.