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In Search of Falling Stars

H.H. Nininger’s Classic Find a Falling Star, Revisited & Expanded

648 pages
Bookpress Publishing

In the early 20th century, the science of meteorites was at a low ebb. Then, in 1923, Harvey H. Nininger, a trained biologist, witnessed a great fireball that plunged him headlong into an exciting new field: meteoritics. In this remarkable book, Nininger, often called “the father of modern meteoritics,” recounts in his own words his long love affair with “falling stars,” those “stones from the sky” that rain down upon Earth from outer space in great, but little-known, profusion.

This newly expanded autobiography, compiled from his original manuscripts, tells his complete life story as he always wished it to be told, beginning with his upbringing in backwoods farming communities where education was discouraged and following his exploits through his eventual recognition as a pioneer and expert in an increasingly important field. Told in detail with straightforward ease, this fascinating tale illustrates the single-minded persistence of a classic adventurer and scientist who, in the face of an almost impossible dream, refused to be diverted by seemingly overwhelming obstacles.

Author Bio
Born in 1887 and raised amid the farm fields and primitive country schools of rural Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, Harvey Nininger “graduated” from common school—the equivalent of passing the eighth grade—at age 19. He found a way to attend the state Normal School (part high school, part college), and eventually made his way to McPherson College in Kansas, graduating with honors and a teaching position waiting for him in California. After returning to McPherson College to teach biology, he witnessed a fireball that would change his life. Nininger spent the rest of his life tracking down and studying meteorites and, in the process, revolutionized a science.Jim Banks is one of H.H. Nininger’s nine grandchildren. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, he studied geology at the University of Arizona and environmental planning at UCLA. He worked in those fields throughout his early career until turning his passion for photography into a full-time profession. His mother, Doris Nininger Banks, edited the original manuscript of Find a Falling Star, and it was only natural for Jim to take on the role as editor of the unabridged version. Jim and his wife, Merry, reside in Sedona, Arizona.