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Dear Duck, Please Come!

40 pages
Waxwing Books Llc

A lighthearted romp through Piney Glen with a band of friends who learn that friendship isn’t about fixing each other’s problems but about being there for each other.

On the other side of the old wooden bridge, deep in Piney Glen, Duck opens his mailbox to find a letter from Rabbit:

Dear Duck,
Please come! I lost my tooth.

Duck sets out to find that tooth—it’s a good-friend thing to do, after all. Along the way, he enlists help from Badger, Turtle, Squirrel, and Mouse.

Can they be the kind of friends Rabbit most needs?

Author Bio
Sarah Mackenzie (readaloudrevival.com) is an enthusiastic reader of picture books and host of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast. She lives in Eastern Washington with her husband and six kids, where they homeschool, read aloud, and sometimes lose their teeth.

Charles Santoso loves drawing little things in his little journal and dreams about funny, wondrous stories. He is the creator of Happy Hippo and has illustrated many books, including Finding Muchness by Kobi Yamada and the New York Times bestseller Odder. He moves around between different countries to live and work. You can visit him at www.charlessantoso.com.