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The Song That Goes On and On and On

40 pages
Good & True Media

Well a whale came along, he was singing a song, it went-


In this fun and lyrical story, readers discover how we all have a song inside of us that is just wanting to burst through. Beginning with a whale, readers witness the whale's song going through multiple ecosystems and spreading joy to every animal along the way. The Song that Goes On and On and On and On shows readers how powerful our voice can affect those around us.

Author Bio
Sarah Molitor is most notably known as “mommy” to her six boys. Her role as wife and mother has shaped her more than any other title she has acquired. Along with raising her children, she also homeschools them full-time. Prior to starting a family, Sarah earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Linfield University. As a registered nurse her passion was and still is helping others. Although no longer working as a nurse, Sarah has translated that passion into a different avenue – social media. Sarah is the creative force behind @modernfarmhousefamily where she encourages, challenges, and inspires her community of over 355K followers on a daily basis. For fun, Sarah considers herself a candy connoisseur, self-taught photographer, very amateur baker and if given spare time, usually chooses to read children’s books to her kids while keeping them entertained with her voice impressions. Sarah lives with her husband Tim and their growing family in Washington. The Song that Goes On and On and On and On is her 2nd children's book with Good & True Media.