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Homer's The Odyssey: A Poetic Primer

Carles Arbat B.B. Gallagher

56 pages
Good & True Media

Ever been lost and wanted to go home? Join Odysseus as he struggles to return to his family in this epic retelling of the adventures of The Odyssey. Retold for a children's audience, Poetic Primer's The Odyssey, is filled with vibrant illustrations while still maintaining the poetic format of the original work.

Together you and your reader can enter the world of Ancient Greece and see how our hero, Odysseus, exemplifies multiple classical virtues as he courageously slays monsters, patiently travels to magical lands, and prudently takes back his home and family. Filled with educational materials and discussion questions, The Odyssey is bound to be you and your child's next favorite epic.

Author Bio

B.B. Gallagher is the publisher of Good & True Media. He has written seven books in a variety of categories but seeks to publish great literature for kids so they can grow in virtue. Some of his interests include: Star Wars, cooking, sports, Christopher Nolan movies, Meg Ryan from 'You've Got Mail', Survivor, doing impressions of lazy people, EDM, and Not Doing Yoga.

Instagram: @bb_gallagher

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