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Hope on the Nile

87 pages
Good & True Media
"We have to save the treasure of Goshen!" After her little brother suffers a serious injury from a sledding accident, Maggie struggles to remain hopeful that everything will be alright. Yet, while Maggie anxiously waits for good news at the hospital, her guardian angel Mikey appears once more with another mission from God. In this adventure, they must travel back to Ancient Egypt to find a hidden treasure in the Israelities' town of Goshen, under the terrorizing rule of Pharoah Ramses II. Follow Maggie as she swims in the Nile, explores a pyramid, solves riddles, and dodges booby traps to make her way to the treasure room! With a story as fun as it is edifying, author B.B. Gallagher illuminates life as an Israelite in Ancient Egypt, delivering a valuable lesson about Hope. Can Maggie find hope during one of Christian history's most challenging and pivotal moments? Find out in this third installment of the Virtue Adventures series.
Author Bio
Married to Alyssa and father to Charlie, John Paul, Evelyn and Henry, B.B. Gallagher appreciates what time he gets in front of the computer to write. As publisher of Good & True, Brian is leading the future of Children's literature, one moral lesson at a time.