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Courage in the Colosseum (Virtue Adventures Book 2)

B.B. Gallagher

73 pages
Good & True Media

Maggie shifted on her feet and peered around Mikey at the open door. A warm breeze blew into her room from the tunnel beyond the door. “I'm not a wimp,” she repeated - this time, raising her chin and walking past Mikey toward the door.

As she approached closer she heard what sounded like a stampede of hooves, booming down the tunnel. She stepped through the door into the tunnel.

Her feet found a stone corridor with trails of sand between its paving stones. Mikey followed and closed the door behind them. The door then vanished and yet again, Maggie was on the other side unsure of where she was or when she was.

Join Maggie and Mikey in this second installment of the Virtue Adventures. After lying to avoid being bullied, Maggie is filled with guilt when Mikey appears with another mission from God. This time our pair travels to Ancient Rome to witness what it means to be brave in the face of persecution especially for one's faith. Will Maggie be able to stand up for what she believes in? Or will she lie in order to fit in again?

Courage in the Colosseum is the second installment of the Virtue Adventures series.

Author Bio

B.B. Gallagher is the publisher of Good & True Media. He has written seven books in a variety of categories but seeks to publish great literature for kids so they can grow in virtue. Some of his interests include: Star Wars, cooking, sports, Christopher Nolan movies, Meg Ryan from 'You've Got Mail', Survivor, doing impressions of lazy people, EDM, and Not Doing Yoga.

Instagram: @bb_gallagher

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bbgallagher

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