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Bobby the Bear Helps Build a Nest

32 pages
Bookpress Publishing

Some things are hard, and they take time to do right. In the second book in the series by Ryan O’Connor, Bobby the Bear teaches his friend Ollie the Owl an important lesson on perseverance using the skills of patience and cooperation. Bobby the Bear books focus on the themes of kindness, respect, positivity, and helping your neighbors. In each story, Bobby guides his forest friends through life’s trials while learning some lessons of his own along the way.

Teachers will appreciate the available free activities and exercises that satisfy basic common core curriculum requirements in math, science, and English language arts.

Author Bio

Award-winning author and teacher Ryan O'Connor hails from Kansas, where his passion for writing and education developed. After being told in high school he would not be successful, Ryan dedicated his life to proving his doubters wrong and began educating, encouraging, and inspiring children of all ages to chase their own dreams. Ryan, who has a master's degree in education, has spent the past fifteen years teaching English to students of all ages in the United States and China. When Ryan is not writing or teaching, he travels the world searching for adventure and learning about different cultures. These experiences helped shape his books-positive and uplifting stories for children ages 4-7.

After spending more than a decade abroad, Ryan now calls Kansas City home. He lives with his wife, stepdaughter, and two adorable cats.