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Uncommon Wealth

You are your best asset - Invest in yourself!

Bryan Dewhurst Phillip Ramsey

176 pages
Bookpress Publishing
At the intersection of financial planning and the pursuit of your entrepreneurial dreams, Uncommon Wealth offers a clear set of tactics to help anyone in any stage of life begin building residual income through a customized, whole-life financial plan. With small tweaks in mindset and lessons in how best to invest in your God-given gifts, learn how to achieve “Time Freedom” long before the traditional retirement age and build wealth through multiple avenues. Utilizing our proprietary One-Page Financial Dashboard, learn how to set goals to achieve results and organize your capital to bet on yourself. Achieving Uncommon Wealth means beginning your financial strategy by identifying your greatest dreams and starting now, a useful and timely lesson for entrepreneurs, investors, and everyone in between.
Author Bio
Bryan Dewhurst has always had a knack for business and consulting. He attended college to become a wealth manager and help others on their quest to build the lives they want to live. Along the way, Bryan co-founded Uncommon Wealth Partners, LLC with his friend and business partner, Phillip Ramsey. His work includes hosting the Uncommon Life podcast. He enjoys helping others scale their ideas, organize their capital, and invest in their God-given passions to achieve financial freedom. Helping others realize their uncommonness and sharing it with the world is Bryan’s ultimate gift. He is married to the love of his life, Megan, and he has three children and a dog, Leo.

Phillip Ramsey is a husband, a father of three, and a friend to many. His greatest gifts are his faith and the people he surrounds himself with who have helped him become the man he is today. His passion is helping others discover how they are uniquely gifted. Every day, he gets to work for a company that brings out the best in people and helps them achieve the goals and dreams they never thought they could accomplish. He is getting paid to do what he loves the most and feels like the wealthiest man in the world.