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Emma and the Bees

Virginia Mortola Lucia Franco

40 pages
Syncretic Press Llc

Emma is a curious girl. She likes to explore and learn. And she does it right in her neighborhood, very close to her home. Her curiosity takes her to venture into the world of bees: their magic, their mystery, and the delicate natural balance that is necessary for them to continue to fulfill their role in the ecosystem. The ecosystem of Emma, her neighborhood and everyone.

A story that brings us closer to a world full of color, music and silence. A place that invites thoughtful contemplation where, if we close our eyes, we can hear the subtle sound of honeycombs, the scent of wild flowers and the sweetness of honey.

Author Bio

Virginia Mórtola lives in Uruguay. Besides writing, she loves to water and take care of her plants. She also works as a psychoanalyst. Her life journey took her to earn a Master's Degree in Children's Literature at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. There, several of her interests merged: journalism, psychoanalysis, children, workshops and writing. She teaches Children's Literature at the Catholic University and participates as a columnist on Children's Literature in the Escaramuza portal and in a radio program called No Toquen Nada. She published the titles The paper window (Fin de Siglo, 2018) and Tales of nonsense and terror (Fin de Siglo, 2019).

Lucía Franco was born in 1980, in Uruguay, during a military dictatorship. An environment that was culturally frozen and constrained by the lack of freedom. Lucia grew up when all the local art movements were striving to free themselves, like a caged animals, in different corners of country. Perhaps it is that spirit: wild, festive, simple and delicate, that sealed Lucía's work and made it unmistakable. Limitless imagination sprouts spontaneously in her designs. "Since I was little I was always very restless and, above all things, I loved to draw and read, to do things with paper, cardboard, colors, scraps, and everything I found out there", says the artist. From Uruguay she traveled to New York, where she lived for a few years and then returned to her country of origin. Lucia's art moves the spectators. Her designs have the ability to take us to a world of dreams. A surreal world, where you can breathe a nostalgia that, far from causing sadness, softens hearts and is capable of filling the soul with color and sweetness, removing all clouds. A world where the much talked about vintage style leaves its mark in a personal and unique way.