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Little Seeds of Promise

Sana Rafi Renia Metallinou

48 pages
The Innovation Press
When Maya moves to a different country, she feels lonely and lost. Everything-and everyone-seems so unfamiliar here, and she wonders if she will ever find a way to fit in. Longing for her home, she holds tightly to the special seeds her grandmother gave her, afraid to plant them. Can she take the risk that they-and she-might grow and bloom in this new place?
Author Bio

Sana Rafi is a writer originally from Lahore, Pakistan who now resides in California with her husband, son and two cats. She is passionate about showcasing Muslim and immigrant characters in books, especially for children. Find out more at sanarafi.com.

Renia Metallinou is a Greek illustrator living near Athens with her husband and their two kids. She studied graphic design and fashion design and worked as a graphic designer for over a decade before following her path in illustration.