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Climate Choices

How Should We Meet the Challenges of a Warming Planet

Michele Archie Scott London

17 pages
Kettering Foundation Press
CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT ONLY AN ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM. It is also a public-health issue, a national security risk, and an economic challenge of considerable magnitude. And it has only been recently that the public debate has shifted away from weighing the evidence to asking what we should do about our changing climate and the effects that are beginning to be felt. Deliberative forums on this issue may not be easy. It may be helpful to remind participants that the objective of these forums is to begin to work through the tensions between the various things we hold most valuable.
Author Bio
Michele's expertise is in economic analysis, translating complex ideas into engaging publications, curriculum development, and publication design. Howard brings 30 years' experience with start up and business consulting, community development, organizational improvement, and training.