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People and Places of the Roman Past

The Educated Traveller's Guide

Peter Hatlie

272 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Written by scholars who have lived in Rome and specialize in Roman history, religion, and culture, this book is a cross between a tourist guide, scholarly article, and encyclopedia. It is written for travellers in search of inspiration and information as they tour the streets, churches, museums, and monuments of the Roman past.
Combining biographical portraits of some of the Eternal City's most important historical actors in the worlds of art, religion, and politics with a study of the very monuments, works of art, and urban spaces associated with them, People and Places of the Roman Past offers an informative and insightful look at the human and cultural history of one of the great cities of the world.
Author Bio
Peter Hatlie ============ Peter Hatlie is a Professor of Classics, Dean, Director and Vice-President of the University of Dallas Rome Program, Italy.