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An Appalachian Tale Surviving Bullying

98 pages
Harvard Square Editions
Faggot: An Appalachian Tale
A true story of tragedy despair and hope for the future after surviving a childhood of bullying
A young adult tale
Debut true story on homosexuality religion overpopulation and a boy's desire to fit into a society that has marked him as an outcast.
A teenager tries to make sense of his life. He has turned cold withdrawn and depressed. He is different and everyone knows. He is gay living in a town that does not understand him. He lives in a family that does not know how to support him. He is abused emotionally physically and sexually for years. No one cares. No one helps. Then on one dark rainy night everything changes.
Share in this story that debates religion overpopulation the human condition and lays the case for the greater acceptance of the LGBT community.