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Preaching by Ear

Speaking God’s Truth from the Inside out

Dave McClellan

200 pages
Weaver Book Company
According to Kenton Anderson, professor of homiletics at ACTS Seminaries of Trinity Western University, this volume represents “a powerful tool” because it offers a new (actually old) model of preaching. For centuries preaching has been shaped from a literary standpoint (i.e., reading, writing, outlining, and displaying sermons). But a pre-modern method of oral preparation and delivery largely has been forgotten. Preaching by Ear hearkens back to an earlier era when sermons were rooted inside the preacher and moved out in a natural and powerful way.
Author Bio
Dave McClellan is senior pastor of The Chapel at Tinkers Creek in Streetsboro, Ohio, and an adjunct professor at Indiana Wesleyan University’s Cleveland campus and at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School’s Akron Campus. He received a B.S. in Communication from Grace College and a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary before completing a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Communication from Duquesne University. Dave has served as an editor for Homiletics and contributed to the Journal of the Evangelical Homiletic Society, Leadership Journal, and Preaching Today. He lives in Aurora, Ohio, with his wife and 2 children.