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Advent is the Story

Seeing the Nativity Throughout Scripture

Daniel Spanjer

208 pages
Square Halo Books
The Scriptures tell us that the world we live in fell from perfection to a state of corruption, and they reveal that at the very center of God’s plan to bring the universe back to its original goodness is Christmas. All the events of the Old Testament point toward the Nativity, to Jesus, the one in whom a loving God took on human flesh to dwell with his people. At the center of Advent is the Story are the words of Scripture itself. Twenty-five readings from Genesis to the birth of Christ, along with helpful commentaries, encourage the reader see the Bible as the story about Christ. Additionally, four themes central to the story of Christ’s coming are developed in depth. Six additional readings extend the celebration of Christmas through the end of December by pointing us from Christ’s birth to the restoration of the universe under his reign.
Author Bio
Daniel R. Spanjer is a professor of history at Lancaster Bible College and an elder at Wheatland Presbyterian Church (PCA). He earned a Masters of Arts in Theology from Reformed Theological Seminary and his Ph.D in American Cultural History from the University at Albany, SUNY. Daniel has written articles for numerous publications including the Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States. He is also the co-creator of the Alcuin Society and the Unlikely Pilgrims podcast. Daniel is married to Tara and has three lovely girls, Meghan, Emily, and Katelyn.